Monday, 22 November 2010

Sculpting-The chicken

Here ive revised my chicken sculpture. I prefered the second one i originaly did so hav tried to make this one look more carved out. Ive also modeled the body/head, legs and tail seperatly so that it will be easier to re-topologise and skin. Overal, ive made the chicken slightly thinner aswel.

Sculpting-The chef

Ive begun sculpting the chef from my previous drawings. Here ive got the basic form i want and will now look at bringing in more detail, especialy to around the eyes. 

Friday, 19 November 2010

Chicken Sculpts

Ive started sculpting a chicken. Its taken a while to get used to working with mudbox but ive done two variations here so far. As mentioned before i want them to feel like they are made of wood such as the below images of Mexican wood carvings but stil retain a certain amount of organic form to them.


Version 2

The second variation feels more as to what i am looking for with a carved feel to it.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Here is the latest animatic with the new models in aswel as some lighting. Ive used the main lights from the kitchen and added a few others on a shot by hot basis tha suit there needs more specificaly. However, to create the atmosphere that i want correctly in each shot i will prepare a colour script to analyse what colours i want to use in each.


Various kitchen elements and turbo squid

Ive modeled some racks that various kitchen elements will hang from. To populate the scene more i will download some objects from Some of the objects i will include will be items such as vegetables, pans and pots and drinks bottles /glasses.


The spit roast

Instead of the spit roast just being a box in the middle of the kitchen, i want to take some influence from an aztec pyramid for its shape. This feels much more suited to the mexican like aesthetic and feel of the piece as well as looking much more intimidating than four flat surfaces.

The actual poles of the spit roast i want to be slightly contrasting to the pit itself to maintain some visual balance.I like the idea of having a curved design that holds up the middle pole for the chicken to be cooked.

Creating the spit roast in this way also gives it some historic religious appeal in the sense that the chef is religiously cooking the chickens to there sacrafice, much like humans were sacraficed upon an aztec pyramic centurys ago.